Dorm Room Bedding Essentials

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Finally the time is here, you’ve waited years to have your own place and now you have you first “apartment”…a dorm room! A great fun place somewhere between “mom said no!” to “sky’s the limit.” Besides fun, there is a lot of function that’s needed in your dorm room. After all, you’ll have to contain in one room all the living you used to do in a whole house…and share that space with a roommate. So let’s break down your dorm room furnishings into categories. Today we can talk about dorm room bedding essentials. Zephyr shares her tips about this timely topic in College Fashion

Dorm Room Bedding Essentials

4 Tips on Buying Bedding for College

1. Get extra-long twin sheets. That’s the number one rule for dorm room bedding, which they probably tell you at orientation. Normal twin size sheets won’t fit most dorm beds, so you need to get XL-Twin.

2. Don’t get white bedding. In college, your dorm room is where you spend most of your time – whether it’s studying, pre-gaming, hanging out with friends or even eating. Since there isn’t much room for chairs in the typical dorm, your bed is going to be like a couch most of the time. Therefore, if you get white bedding, it will probably be stained/ruined by the end of the semester. Go for darker colors unless you’re very, very neat.

3. Buy a few sets of sheets. You aren’t going to feel like doing laundry more often than every two weeks, and if you only have one set of sheets, they’re going to get grungy. Oh, and message to the boys: you need to wash your sheets more than once a year! If you’re lazy, get a few sheet sets and swap them out regularly.

4. Buy a mattress pad. Trust me – the mattress your dorm room comes with is going to be hard as a rock! Get a good mattress pad (memory foam is amazing but pricey; egg crate pads are another decent option) and your back will thank you! (Read rest of article here…)

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Dorm Room Bedding Essentials

Excellent advice for dorm room bedding essentials. Buying extra long twin sheets is extra important or you might feel like you’ve been “short sheeted.” Not a comfortable way to spend the night!  In fact I really like the idea of buying an extra fitted sheet to cover the box springs.  It gives your bed a tailored day-bed look even when you just toss the duvet on top and go.

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