Dorm Room Essentials On A Budget

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Half the fun of having your first dorm room is planning what to buy, especially if you want to pick up your dorm room essentials on a budget. I love all the dorm room special gadgets and want one of each. I recently saw a microwave that turns into a refrigerator. Hummm? But anyway, before you rush off to buy, there are some practical things to consider. For example, Zeyphr in part 2 of her article in CollegeFashion recommends you start with these:

Dorm Room Essentials On A Budget

1. Talk to your roommate. You will save yourself a lot of time and money if you talk to your roommate about who’s bringing what for your room. You don’t want to get to school on move in day with two of everything – there won’t be enough room for it all.

2. Check your college’s website. They should list what is going to come with your room, as well as any items that are off-limits, so you will have a good picture of what’s missing and what you need to buy.

3. Invest in storage bins. You won’t realize how much stuff you have until you try and pack it up. Buy some good quality plastic storage bins and moving will be easier – plus, you’ll have a place to put everything.

4. Don’t get heavy furniture. Trust me on this one. The lighter the better is the rule for furniture in college. Don’t bring a huge armoire that takes 3 people to lift.It’s much more of a hassle than you’re going to want to deal with.  (Continue reading here…)

Here’s a pro making her recommendations in this video:

Dorm Room Essentials On A Budget

Hummm, I didn’t see the microwave refrigerator on her list. Well, maybe for Christmas! I would add to her suggestions the  old stand-by’s like a microwave, toaster oven, or refrigerator. You can pick these up for so cheap at garage sales or even from graduating seniors. It’s great to have your own little kitchen area to grab a cup of coffee or bowl of cereal. But first check to make sure they’re allowed in your dorm room. Another great space saving idea is to elevate one bed and set up your desk and study space below it. It allows for more floor space, and oh yes, more storage racks, shelves, tubs, etc etc… Well, have fun in your first “home away from home” and enjoy all your dorm room essentials on a budget.

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