Storage For Your College Dorm Room

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You’re on your last leg of shopping for storage for your college dorm room. It’s furnished and has great XLT dorm sheets. Now it’s time to fill up all those space savers with your great new stuff. I’m sure you caught the sales and purchased stackable drawers, colorful bins and anything collapsible or that can do double duty. Under the bed is a good storage area, especially if you put the bed on risers. Hanging racks or organizers of any kind are practical and fun to look at. They are great for jewelry, shoes, underwear, makeup, school supplies and on and on. They’re wonderful! Remember, think vertical, think under the bed and think double duty. And remember you can stack one organizer on top of the other to create a portable, light weight dresser you can use for anything. Cheap too! I especially like clear see through containers because you can use them in any room, wherever you live, forever. They’re a good investment. Now your prime real estate is left for you, your bed, desk and clothes. So send all the rest home with mom! Zephyr shares some other ideas in CollegeFashion. Check it out:

Storage For Your College Dorm Room

A few tips to keep in mind when shopping for dorm room storage:

1. Go vertical. Horizontal space is limited in a dorm room, so you are going to want to maximize every inch you have. Get tall shelves for your room that aren’t too wide, and lots of hooks for your walls.

2. Raise your bed up. A great space to store stuff that you don’t use very often is under your bed. Definitely buy a set of bed risers and get some containers for under-bed storage to make the most of that space.

3. Get portable storage. Take into account the weight and portability of every storage container you buy. Ideally, you want to be able to move without unpacking much stuff. If you can find durable containers with handles, it will make moving in and out of your dorm so much easier.  (Continued…)

And here are some examples of this in a video:

Storage For Your College Dorm Room

A great little video that shares the same ideas about storage for your college dorm room that we’ve talked about in this article. Oh yes, don’t forget to set up a little kitchen area if your dorm allows. Stackable plastic drawers work great as cabinets or a mini pantry. They’ll probably fit nicely on top of your mini refrig, remember think vertical.

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